Heritage and development

Articles, Papers, Handouts for training courses on Heritage and Development, Historic Cities and Urban Landscape (2006 through 2013)

Handouts for training courses

01. Management and Development of Historic Cities
01a. Basic Criteria for Effective Urban_Historic City Development-Management
02. Cultural/Urban Heritage and Sustainable Human Development
03. Sustainable Human Development in Urban Areas and Historical Centres
04. Some definitions on matters related to historic city enhancement
05. Multilateral Cooperation in Heritage and Development
06. Monitoring. A management tool for conservation of built heritage
06a. Present Monitoring System: Periodic Reporting
07. Adaptive reuse for the future development of historic centers
08. Bankability Considerations for the Financing of Urban Heritage Projects
09. Opportunities for Investment in Cities and Historical Centres
10. Quito- Public Private Investments and Projects
10.b Proyecto de Rehibilitacion del Centro Historico de Quito (attachment Proyecto BID QUITO) 11. Barcelona- Public Private Partnerships
12. Some Further Remarks on Funding
13. Natural Disasters
14. New Architecture in Old Settings
15. Vienna Memorandum
16. Role and Place of UNESCO and WHC
17. Built Heritage in Mud Brick - Adobe
18. Public Private Partnerships
19. Policy orientation guidelines of relevance in the future treatment of Historic cities and Quarters
20. IADB Supported Innovative MONUMENTA Project on Historical Cities in Brazil
21.Cultural and Environmental Heritage and Tourism - Prepared by S. Mutal
22.Urban Cultural Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean: the Safeguard of Historic Cities.


1. Conferencia Magistral dictada por Sylvio Mutal en La Habana durante el II Encuentro sobre Manejo y Gestión de Centros Históricos, Septiembre 2003
2. Historic Environment 2011- The Future of Historic Cities- A Practitioner’s Experience
3. The Future of Historic Cities A Practitioner’s Experience
4. The Future of Historic Cities-Centers. The case of Latin America and the Caribbean
5. Museums and Children in Latin America. Museum Magazine UNESCO
6. Museology courses organized by UNDP, UNESCO and COLCULTURA. Museum Magazine UNESCO
7.Adobe Architecture Worldwide, Past and Present – Cities and Sites in World Heritage Review
8. “Somos Creadores del Presente y Eslabones de una Cadena Cultural del Pasado”. Entrevista con Sylvio Mutal. Patrimonio Cultural en Cooperación Sur, UNDP
9. Heritage and Resilience
10. Reducing Disasters Risks at World Heritage Properties
11. Entrevista con Sylvio Mutal - Ciudades Historicas- Dos Lados de la Misma Moneda
12. Proyecto de Rehibilitacion del Centro Historico de Quito
13. MONUMENTA - Relatório de Término de Projeto