Heritage and development

Publications and reports on Interregional Project: Historical Cities’ Development, Conservation and Management (1996 – 2005). Undertaken by S. Mutal (UNDP/Unesco Interregional Coordinator and Consultant WHC) along international consultants

C.1 St. Petersburg. World Heritage Site. Rehabilitation and Development of Historic Centre.

With the initiation of a World Bank supported project for the rehabilitation of some major areas of St. Petersburg, including its historical centre, it was considered opportune that his project would support a process of reform, restructuring and basically supporting investment opportunities in St. Petersburg.

The goal of the project was defined as “support preparation of a realistic St. Petersburg City Centre Rehabilitation Programme”. It set forth specific objectives:

- Further develop and agree with the City on the establishment of a Strategic Plan for St. Petersburg.
- Continue regulatory reform to ensure competitive real-estate market and a competitive business environment in the City Centre;
- Agree on a programme design, a list of programme of public works of infrastructure, and a five-year flexible programme of public works- economically, financially, administratively and environmentally feasible;
- Initiate a programme of public participation and information on urban planning and investment;
- Carry out design and engineering of public works in the Centre;
- Build the institutional base for supervision and monitoring of works;
- Initiate a programme to promote private investment;
- Carry out some visible physical improvements that could be replicated on a larger scale in the future.

UNDP was asked by the national and local government to advise on issues related to the actual rehabilitation work of the historic quarters of St. Petersburg, with a view to draw up a Master Plan on various facets of a rehabilitation programme on an intersectorial basis with close collaboration with the governor’ s office and city development projects. Author(s): Sylvio S. Mutal (NL, UNDP/Unesco Interregional Coordinator- tss2)

Published in 2001-2002, 133 pag, English, illustrated
In collaboration with: UNDP/ UNOPS consultants, WHC, Governors office

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