Heritage and development

Realizaciones del Proyecto Regional RLA por S. Mutal (1995): Metas Alcanzadas y Sobrepasadas

Circular note sent by Sylvio S. Mutal (ATP/ Regional Coordinator RLA PNUD/Unesco) at termination of the regional project for cultural, urban and environmental heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean (RLA) in 1995. This note was sent to governments (ministries of planning, culture and others), UNDP, UNDP country offices, Unesco headquarters and field offices, specialized UN agencies, NGOs, libraries, documentation centers, universities, experts and consultants, and ex-trainees, etc. across the world.

Author(s): Sylvio S. Mutal (ATP/ Regional Coordinator RLA-ALC PNUD/Unesco)
Published in 1995, 4 pag, English and Spanish

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